Strong Community Affiliations

The Gavin Foundation maintains strong links with an array of service providers in the community. We undertake innovative, cooperative ventures with organizations and community groups, creating opportunities for engagement and belonging.
Continuum of Care for Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Addiction Treatment Center:  medication assisted treatment
  • Bay Cove:  medication assisted treatment
  • Spectrum Health System: ATS- Acute Treatment Services (Detox)
  • Phoenix House New England: ATS- Acute Treatment Services (Detox) and CSS- Clinical Stabilization Services
  • Recovery Home Collaborative:  Gavin House is a founding member of this group of 35 residential rehabilitation providers.  The Collaborative facilitates referrals for residential services other than those available at Gavin Foundation programs.
Continuum of Care for Women and Individuals with Families
  • Edwina Martin House:  residential rehabilitation services for women
  • Institute for Health and Recovery: central intake for family shelters and supportive housing as well as residential services for pregnant women
  • Hello House for Women:  residential rehabilitation services for women
Health Services
  • Tufts Medical Center:  emergency and inpatient medical care; psychiatric care
  • South Boston Community Health Center: primary care
  • Boston Medical Center: Mental Health and Psychiatric Care
  • Boston Emergency Services Team (BEST): emergency psychiatric care
  • Bournewood Health System:  in-patient psychiatric care
  • McLean Health System:  in-patient psychiatric care
  • Bay Cove Human Services:  mental health assessments and psychiatric care
HIV/AIDS Services
  • AIDS Action Committee:  HIV/AIDS services
Educational & Vocational Services
  • Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission: educational and vocational services
  • Jewish Vocational Services
  • Action for Boston Community Development Job Development Program
Housing and Shelter
  • Pine Street Inn:  shelter
  • Boston Housing Authority:  housing resources
  • Massachusetts Alliance of Sober Housing (MASH): housing resources
  • Boston Public Health Commission