Values and Goals

The efforts of the Gavin Foundation are shaped by a clear set of organizational values and goals, emphasizing spiritual, mental and social recovery for individuals and their families. We build recovery by supporting relationships among individuals, within families and within communities through independent programs. We strive to create effective prevention and treatment programs for vulnerable populations with innovative approaches built on fundamental principles along with strong, productive alliances within the broader community.

The VALUES of the Gavin Foundation are built on the foundation of 12-step fellowships of recovery, promoting lifestyle change, life span involvement and individual and community connections.

  • Recognize that while recovery is initiated in treatment, it is sustained over a lifetime by building values and skills in stable, supportive relationships with family, friends, neighbors and society. Treatment and community activities explicitly promote these relationships.
  • Recognize that its greatest asset is people: the recovery capital of alumni, who are always welcome and continue to be actively involved in the community of recovery.
  • Actively participate in our community, drawing support and strength, investing in the community’s well-being, and collaborating with community partners to enhance recovery opportunities.
  • Embrace those seeking service and their families, by providing a welcoming environment, and creating new programs in response to identified needs.
  • View residents, clients and their families as individuals with different abilities and needs, requiring comprehensive services and prompt responses.
  • Ensure that individuals are served by well-supervised, well-trained staff.
  • Ensure that residents, clients and families know what they can expect and what is expected of them by operating clearly described and transparent programs.
  • Provide effective programs and services, conduct assessments and solicit feedback from individuals and families regularly.

To put these values into practice, the Gavin Foundation has defined clear programmatic GOALS. We seek to support the individual’s transformation from an isolated drug/alcohol user, where harm to self and to others is endemic, to a healthy, responsible and productive lifestyle within a network of supportive relationships.

  • Provide stable transitions through structured programming and clear expectations.
  • Promote self-care, self-reliance, and community responsibility.
  • Promote peer support and mentoring.
  • Promote 12-step principles of acceptance of the need to abstain from alcohol and other drug use, willingness to participate actively in 12-step fellowships, and work to help others and to improve family relationships.
  • Reduce criminal activity and criminal justice involvement by addressing and resolving criminal justice related issues.
  • Promote and strengthen family involvement by providing settings and events for families to be together, building systems which recognize improved relationships.
  • Promote learning, and the desire to learn, through formal and informal training programs, generating scholarship support for staff and program graduates.
  • Actively support staff development and seeks to improve staff retention.