Boston Marathon Runners for Recovery

We are most grateful to the individuals who are Running for Recovery and raising funds for the Gavin Foundation. Please follow the links to their fundraising pages to learn more about them!

Erin Murphy

“The older (wiser) I get the more I realize that there are very few things I need in life. I have more than enough so I should work hard at helping others who need a little bit more. Sometimes it’s just a smile, a few kind words, maybe a hug. Other times it is more and I have to find the strength deep, down inside me to get it done. Why run the Boston Marathon, and raise money for The Gavin Foundation, for a third time? I ask myself that question a lot and I always end up with the same answer. Because there are addicts struggling, and mothers and fathers paralyzed with fear and pain, and if I can help ease any of that, even just a little, then I should. I can so I should! I can so I will! In six short weeks I will be making my way to the finish line on Boylston Street and I will be thinking about all those who struggle as I push myself to the end. I won’t break any records, and many of the cheering crowds will be gone, but I will finish strong. I will finish for those who need a little bit of love and hope!”

Joe Kobza

“On April 17th I will be running in the 121st Boston Marathon for the Gavin Foundation in memory of my brother-in-law, Charles “Carlie” Jigarjian, who lost his battle to opiate addiction on July 28, 2006. In the ten plus years since his death, Carlie’s sisters, Karen, Brenda, and Darlene, have honored Carlie’s life by raising money for the Gavin Foundation to fight opiate addiction and to support recovery. Their fundraising started with Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments in the years right after Carlie’s passing. Karen, Brenda and Darlene formed “Carlie’s Angels” about six years ago and took to running the Tufts Health Care 10K in their brother’s name. Running for the Gavin Foundation, Brenda and Darlene completed the 119th and 120th Boston Marathons. Brenda and Darlene have generously passed the torch to me this year to run the 121st Boston Marathon. My goal is to continue to raise awareness and funds to combat the epidemic of opiate addiction facing our nation.”

Terry Stroz