The Gavin Foundation operates more than a dozen adult and youth programs independently or in collaboration with other agencies. We recognize that youth affected by drug and alcohol use face special challenges in building their recovery capacity. Their substance misuse undermines adolescent and young adult tasks of building support networks, defining values which guide life choices, and taking on greater responsibilities for self-care. Family relationships are damaged and educational losses undermine employment opportunities. We offer specialized adolescent residential, community, educational and diversion programs to respond to these needs.

Residential Programs

  • The Charlestown Recovery HouseGavin House and Hamilton House are residential treatment programs for adult men seeking to recover from effects of alcohol and drug abuse.
  • The Cushing Houses provide stabilizing residential treatment for substance abusing young men and women age 16-20 who can function in the community and who have family or guardians engaged in their care.
  • The Graduate Centers provide longer term residential support in the recovery process.

Community Programs

  • AAWOL is an in-depth study of AA’s Twelve Steps to Recovery.
  • Center for Recovery Services offers assessment and individual and group outpatient treatment for individuals struggling with substance use, abuse and addiction.
  • Devine Recovery Center is a peer-to-peer community center for individuals in recovery, age 18 and up. The center’s mission is to provide a place of support and recreation for persons in recovery from various types of addiction.
  • Re-Entry Program provides re-entry substance abuse screening, assessment, referrals and treatment for men and women leaving prisons and jails and on parole in the Boston and Greater Boston area.
  • Total Immersion Program (TIP) provides an alternative to incarceration with clear limits and expectations on probationers.

Prevention Programs

  • Speakers for Hope is an educational outreach program providing speakers to youth and adult groups in schools and in the community.
  • The Walsh Center is a community center and gym that serves as a safe environment for kids and teens in the community to play sports, do homework, and be informed about avoiding substance abuse and peer pressure.

Collaboration Programs

  • Access to Recovery (ATR) serves individuals in the Boston area involved with the criminal justice system and affected by substance use.
  • Substance Abuse Program at the Boston Public Schools was established in partnership with the Counseling Intervention Center, Ostiguy High and Ed Options to provide critical counseling services to Boston Public School students.
  • Phoenix House in Quincy Intensive Treatment Services is a 64-bed healthcare facility that provides Acute Treatment Services (detox) and Clinical Stabilization Services to adult men and women struggling with drugs, including heroin and prescription drugs, or alcohol. The programs focus on stabilizing individuals and linking them to continued treatment and collateral services.
  • William J. Ostiguy High School provides a safe, sober and supportive school environment in which youth in recovery can develop skills and strengths needed for personal, academic, vocational and community success.