Community Programs

  • AAWOL is an in-depth study of AA’s Twelve Steps to Recovery.
  • Center for Recovery Services offers assessment and individual and group treatment for individuals struggling with substance use, abuse and addiction.
  • Devine Recovery Center The center is a peer-to-peer community center for participants age 18 and up, open seven days a week. The center’s mission is to provide a place of support for persons in recovery from various types of addiction.
  • Re-Entry Program provides re-entry substance abuse screening, assessment, referrals and treatment for men and women leaving prisons and jails and on parole in the Boston and Greater Boston area.
  • Total Immersion Program (TIP) provides an alternative to incarceration, and places clear limits and expectations on probationers.
  • The Walsh Center is a community center that serves as a safe environment for kids and teens to play sports, do homework, and stay informed about avoiding substance abuse and peer pressure.