Total Immersion Program (TIP)

Total Immersion ProgramIn January 1996, the Gavin Foundation formed a partnership with South Boston District Court to address the challenge of recidivism among individuals convicted of crimes related to substance abuse. TIP provides an alternative to incarceration, and places clear limits and expectations on probationers. Comprehensive assessments, anger management, 12-Step participation, attendance at AAWOL and drug screening provide structure and resources for drug and alcohol free living. In addition to South Boston, TIP locations now include District Courts in Dorchester, East Boston, Newton, Quincy and Somerville.

Measuring Effectiveness: Committed to ensuring programs are effective, Gavin Foundation works with probation departments to evaluate TIP and has confirmed that with treatment these probationers can complete probation. Over 50% of clients achieve program goals.

TIP serves an average of 125 individuals each year.

Total Immersion Program (TIP) Brochure